News from the World's Youngest Blogger

Friday, November 19, 2010

Five Months and Counting!

Hello, and welcome to my blanket of fun. Grandma McCarthy and Aunt Brooke made it for me!

Thanksgiving is coming up, are you ready? I am! I've already been enjoying sweet potatoes.

In between meals, a finger makes a good snack.

Rooting for the Bears is so exhausting.

Big news for the Joyce family. I found out my new cousin is going to be a boy! We got a blue ball in the mail to let us know. Mommy says Josie and I can have lots of tea parties with Colin.

Remember when I first learned to roll over? Now I'm really rolling!

See you after Turkey Day!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Solid Food!

So much to tell you folks!

I dressed up as a ladybug for Halloween.

Uncle Dave and Aunt Abby visited and Abby made me so many bibs, burp cloths and onesies! (The cool Levi's are from Grandma McCarthy.)

It's getting cooler, but that's okay, because now I get to show off my pretty pink coat.

The biggest news is that I started eating cereal, and now I'm also having pears. Tonight I'm going to try my first sweet potatoes. I'm much better at the whole eating thing than I was when this video was shot!

Check ya later!